The time of enlightenment has come and gone. War and magic have ravaged the land and left a crumbling husk behind. These are dark times in which we live, and even darker times lie ahead. It will take cunning and steel to bring the light back to The Five Lands.

The world of Aryn used to be a place of magic. Where dragons and elves, wizards and knights, artifacts and legends inhabited the land. But that was 300 years ago; Before The Great War tore the fabric of magic and ripped it from the land. Now the world is a place of robber barons and hedge knights, brigands and slaves, corruption and blood.

We enter the world at a time reminiscent of the Dark Ages. What was once one nation has fractured into five kingdoms known as The Five Lands. Each realm is jealous and wary of the other. Small border skirmishes are the norm, with each kingdom gaining and losing the same ground every day. Mankind must claw and scrape for every advancement it makes, as much of the knowledge and technology was lost at the end of the Great War.

Gold and other metals are scarce, as are fine silks and other materials. Suits of full plate armor are seldom seen, except in paintings and tapestries depicting times long since passed.

Gone is the knowledge to craft a longbow or longsword. The bow staves break when partway through a pull; the blades shatter when struck a handful of times.

Chivalry has all but been forgotten, as it takes strength and guile to survive now. Benevolent kings and loving queens have been replaced by tyrannical rulers and ruthless hegemonies.

World of Aryn

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